Federation of European National Collection Associations

Altus President Speaks at International FENCA Conference in Sweden

Altus President/CEO Thomas Brenan recently spoke at the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA) Congress in Stockholm, Sweden.  Brenan presented to over 150 FENCA members on the state of commercial collections in the United States.

Brenan said, “Altus will become a better and more informed international partner through the IACC and FENCA educational and networking programs and opportunities. The more informed and more educated we become in international laws and protocal, the better we are able to serve our clients.”

CLICK HERE to view photos from the 2015 FENCA Congress.


Federation of European National Collection AssociationsSince the establishment of the Federation of European National Collection Associations, several countries have joined the Federation. In 2011 20 countries are part of the process.

FENCA, founded 15th January 1993, is the non profit-making umbrella of National associations and aims to:

  • Protect and take care of the interests of the national member associations;
  • Promote the development of European legislation within the debt collection industry;
  • Promote the development within national member associations of the following
  • Keep the collected means for clients separated from the company means.
  • Have special insurance for the protection of the clients.
  • Establish a committee for complaints.
  • Establish training facilities.
  • Introduce basic rules and guidelines for contracts and agreements between the agencies and their clients.