Another Successful Quarter for the Association Department: Find out What Drives Consistent Success

The Association Department solidifies another record-breaking quarter with significant Q3 results. Flying hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe representing Team Altus, the Association Department has driven significant business for our company. Here are the Q3 results:

Placements:   $9,675,277.82              New Clients:     385             # of Placements:       5,081

Great job! Take a peek at the Association Department in action:


Monique Alexander, James Marrow (IANA), and Dan Grenemyer enjoying the IANA 25th Annual Conference.


Monique Alexander, Lakisha Pindell (TIA) and Chris Yoke at the TIA welcome reception.

Chris Yoke and Monique Alexander at the TIA- Welcome Reception 2016.









These numbers are certainly to be commended; however, it goes beyond the numbers. When our clients continually send letters of praise, we know we have the right people on the job. Leading the department is Monique Alexander and she is a shining example of hard work and dedication.

Get to know what drives Monique’s success

Monique Alexander serves as the friendly face of Altus on the road, and her cheerful personality is the perfect fit for her job! But what drives Monique’s success? Read Monique’s story on her journey to the top:

Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander

My beginning

Prior to starting at Altus, I worked in education. One day I was checking my mail and a neighbor came outside to check his mail, too. After a two hour conversation with this man at the mailbox, he asked me if he could see the inside of my home. When he entered, he said “the inside was okay.” I was immediately offended, and asked to see the inside of his house. While my four bedroom, two bath house was nice, it could fit inside his home. I wanted to know where he worked and if he could get me a job. I immediately googled Altus and got an interview myself. I was hired on the spot but I had no idea what I was in for. The cold calls, the constant rejections and a manager who demanded four brochures and four hours of phone time were grueling.

I took a huge pay cut so I needed to make it work. To my surprise, I had a 10K fee pop my first month. Everyone was excited, especially my branch manager, Jim McDermott,  gave me a high five for my fee and told me “fee is what keeps the lights on.”

I was still a little confused until I received my first commission check the following month. After seeing the opportunity that Altus provided, I was hooked. I spent the next few years on the phone. Those years were NOT easy. I had lost my mom to cancer. The support I received from the Altus management team in Vancouver, Washington was truly heartfelt. I was in awe of the understanding and support I received, from coworkers handing out tissues when I would break down to the cards/letters and support at my mother’s service.

I was back to work in about eight days, then my brother was convicted. I had just lost my mother and brother at the same time. I was crushed. I buried myself in my career and was quickly promoted to working manager, then training manager. I had the ability to impact lives by giving someone the same opportunity that was given to me. It has been a true joy to see reps that I hired and trained buy their first car, apartment, home, etc. Some are still with the company and doing better than ever.

My next chapter
I knew Altus would be my forever. After four and a half years, I was offered another opportunity with the association development department. My first trip was to Atlanta, Georgia with about 1,100 people. I cried because I knew no one and I felt alone. But, this opportunity has taught me so much about ME and how to be comfortable in my own skin.

Leaving Imprints
Monique Alexander leaves a positive imprint on everyone she meets. Altus has received countless thank you/ recommendation letters and overall praise about her work ethic, her drive and her dedication.  Here are just a few:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Monique for the past few years; Monique is one of my favorite people to work with! Her ALWAYS positive can-do attitude coupled with her customer-centricity makes for an awesome partner. Monique is a customer relationship rock star who you want on your team!”

–  Sarah Hagy, Executive Director at Fernley & Fernley, Inc.

“Monique Alexander is one of the nicest people I know. She takes care of complaints before they become a problem and she’s willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. We love her. She is a great asset and a true breath of fresh air to work with.”

– Wilson Beach, Director of Membership, Tire Industry Association (TIA)

Altus’ clients are not the only lives that Monique touches daily. Many Altus employees, some who have trained and mentored Monique and some who have been trained and mentored by Monique, have truly been impacted by her kindness and her expertise.

“I have really enjoyed watching Monique blossom over her ten-year career with Altus. When she came to Altus, she was eager to learn and was hungry for success. Her work ethic is unparalleled and it shows in her sales numbers. We are lucky to have her on our team.”

– Jim McDermott, Altus Chief Operations Officer

“It’s such a pleasure working with Monique.  She has definitely made a huge impact on my career here at Altus. She believed in me when no one has in many years. She saw talent in me when no one else did and she pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to reach my full potential. Since Monique trained me, I’ve been more successful and have steadily placed business since.”

Willa White, Senior Account Executive

“It is a true pleasure working with Monique. Her hard work and dedication is unwavering and her numbers prove it. When she sets a goal for herself, I know she will reach it. She’s unstoppable.”

– Bryan Clancy, Altus National Sales Director