Business Activity Scan

Information is Power

  • Wondering why a customer is late on their payment?
  • Asking if they’re unable or unwilling to pay?
  • Are your phone calls going unreturned?
  • Has communication changed with a company that has paid invoices on time in the past?
  • Have you heard rumors that your customer might be in trouble?
  • Has your customer broken promises to pay?
  • When was the last time you actually spoke with your customer about the reason they haven’t paid?
  • Are you wondering where you stand and what action you should take?

Business Activity ScanYou don’t have to guess about the best course of action. We can provide you with a Business Activity Scan to help determine the financial health of your customer and why they may not be paying you.

We’ll quickly and efficiently utilize our internal and external databases to identify what the problem may be and help you decide the best course of action.

It’s quick, confidential and complimentary. To request a business activity scan about one or more of your customers, submit your contact information below.

To sign up for our Business Activity Scan or to request more information, click here to complete our online form and one of our account representatives will contact you shortly.