New Jersey Office Gets New Digs

NJOffice1The New Jersey branch has moved into a new, larger office designed specifically for the benefit and growth of the Altus NJ Branch.  While still in the same corporate center, the new office space is now dedicated to Altus only, rather than having to share the space with Coface employees.  Employees are excited because they now get their own break room, with their own refrigerator and coffee service.

“We also added a conference room that we dedicate to training, sales meetings and already our first song—Happy Birthday, Carmine!  The reception area is clearly defined and inviting and the sales floor is comfortable and energetic.  Rounding out the upgrade, we are expecting new phones, headsets, and even chairs to replace the rather worn ones of old,” said John Meehan.

NJOffice2“The move was a great team building exercise. Everyone worked together to get the move done so we could resume back to work on Monday morning,” said Tara Scwhartz.

The New Jersey branch currently has 19 employees, but is poised to grow with their new space.