Altus President's Letter in the IACC's Scope

President’s Letter in the IACC’s Scope

By: Tom, Brenan, President IACC
The IACC leadership is really focusing on bringing value to its membership. People join associations for two reasons: They want to develop personally and professionally, and/or they want access to new potential customers. Unless associations are providing one or both of those elements, it will be difficult to keep membership strong. Sure, we all want discounts on products or services, but there are many different places where those can be found.

My opinion is that the IACC has done a great job in satisfying the first reason members join an association. Members value the IACC because it has great education programs, annual and summer meetings with great networking opportunities and a strong support network. I think that the IACC leadership has been challenged to satisfy the second reason.

With that point in mind, the IACC Board, Executive Committee, and Staff have worked diligently over the past few years with one objective in mind: to provide as much value as possible to its members. I firmly believe that the most important value is to make IACC membership relevant and important to its potential customers. This goal, creating value in the marketplace, has been a work in progress, and will continue as such into the near future. The only way to become a driving force and relevant to the credit community is to judiciously and relentlessly market the IACC to our member’s potential customer base.

To this end, I am pleased to report the most recent progress year to date:

  • We hired and retained a professional marketing firm to support IACC’s communication efforts.
  • With the assistance of the marketing firm, we redesigned the IACC website with a new look and content.
  • Shot on-camera member testimonials recruitment video and also produced short testimonial vignettes.
  • Launched a members-only marketing toolkit and trained members to use it at the Miami conference.
  • Conducted a Pulse of the Profession survey which garnered significant industry press.
  • Secured monthly placement for IACC press releases and expert source articles in publications read by credit grantors and the collection industry.
  • Launched a monthly e-newsletter- B2B Collections.
  • Increased activity on IACC’s LinkedIn page.
  • Conducted a communication audit based on surveys with members, staff and IACC leadership then presented recommendations to the board.
  • Began a strategic planning process utilizing a strategic planning consultant.
  • Will begin to identify cross-marketing collaboration opportunities with allied associations.
  • The IACC manned a booth at the NACM St. Louis convention as well as the recent CRF convention in Seattle. Many IACC members that had booths also distributed IACC materials.

I am extremely proud of our most recent accomplishments and the support we receive throughout our membership. Jessica Hartmann and Sara Bobrowski have done a fabulous job of guiding and assisting your board in creating the most value possible.

In closing, I wish all of our members a very strong second half of the year, and may all of your accounts get collected.

Tom Brenan, Altus and IACC President

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