Accounts Receivable Management


First Party Collections

Altus continues to educate our partners about the importance of collecting past due debt at the early stage of delinquency. The earlier the account is called upon, the higher the probability the account will be collected. In an effort to improve overall portfolio liquidation for our clients, Altus added the First Party Collection Team.

Altus First Party will service all accounts as representatives of our partner.  Proactive courtesy calls, early stage delinquency calls and dispute resolution will be provided.

Our Approach 

Altus uses a Customer Service Approach to bring an account back into good standing.  The expertise we provide our partners is our ability to balance connection and negotiation.  You will see a decrease in your Daily Sales Outstanding (DSO) as we apply our collection model to your accounts receivables:

  • Collaborative Effort with Partners
  • Adopt and Care for the Brand
  • Connect, then Collect
  • Key Performance Metrics
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Employee Investment

Information Needed to Collect

  • Access to the clients system of record.
  • A weekly placement of accounts to be treated, daily is ideal.

Reports Include:

  • Activity Rates
  • Right Party Connect Rates
  • Conversion Rate*
  • Liquidation Rate*

*A weekly payment file to generate reporting is required

Collection Fees

Altus charges a flat fee per full time employee(FTE) per month, regardless of business days per month.  The floor supervisor or a backup FTE will provide coverage in the event of absenteeism.