Business Owner Profile

Altus is a full service debt collection agency with a powerful infrastructureClick Here to View a Sample ReportExtending credit to small businesses can be risky.  This report will give you the most accurate, current and comprehensive report on a proprietor or guarantor.

Small businesses make up the majority of companies in the United States. About 75 percent of them are sole proprietorships. Many of these companies have yet to build a commercial credit history. The Business Owner Profile can help you confidently approve loans or lines of credit for those businesses.

The report includes identifying information on the proprietor, the name of the proprietor’s current or previous employer, the PLUS score that accurately predicts the likelihood of serious delinquency in the next 24 months, a payment summary section, delinquency chart, legal filings, collection accounts, and inquiries. It then provides a complete, detailed, 24 month trade payment history on every account.

This report’s usage is regulated by the FTC, and the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines for its use apply. Generally, you may access this report on:

  • The owner of an unincorporated business
  • General partners
  • Individuals who have guaranteed, in writing, the business obligation
  • Individuals who have provided written authorization approving your review of their personal credit history

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