Collection Litigation

15388037_sIf through the collection process Altus collectors are unable to affect a satisfactory resolution, they will evaluate the merits of possible legal recourse. The balance of the account, the cost to litigate, available assets, and client requirements are all considered.

Altus requires that all attorneys in our network be members of the Commercial Law League of America. Compliance from our attorneys is monitored by the company’s Legal Forwarding Department.  This department is responsible for maintaining contact with the attorneys handling suit and for procuring regular status reports. Our litigation service features:

  • A nationwide network of credit attorneys.
  • A seamless transition from collections to litigation.
  • Litigation executed in debtor’s jurisdiction.
  • Litigation initiated upon written client authorization.
  • Single point of contact throughout the collection process.
  • Recommendations for suit based on detailed a financial analysis and investigation.

Collection Litigation

Our network of fully accredited and bonded collection attorneys provides nationwide representation on an upfront cost (consisting of court costs, service of process fees, etc.) and a contingency. You don’t pay anything beyond your initial upfront disclosed costs, unless we collect. No retainers, hourly rates, etc., as would be the case engaging counsel independent of using the Altus network of attorneys.

No hourly billing…Fees beyond the initial cost outlay are always a fixed percentage of the claim and are strictly contingent upon successful recovery. Never again will you end up with an uncollected judgment and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Fully licensed and bonded…We use only accredited collection attorneys and every attorney in our network is fully licensed and is bonded for a minimum of $1M dollars.

Plea for Costs Award…At judgment we will petition the court to award you reimbursement of all costs associated with the lawsuit; including retroactive interest, court costs, attorney fees, and agency fees.

Litigate Locally…Our national network allows us to refer litigation matters to attorneys that practices law within your customer’s jurisdiction. This practice eliminates venue challenges and the time and expense required to domesticate a foreign judgment.

Initial Requirements

Altus clients can request a no-obligation litigation quote on any claim that has been submitted for contingency collections. This request for quote in no way obligates your company to proceed with litigation unless it is your desire to do so.

After authorizing your claim for litigation a nominal fee will be assessed to satisfy filing and processing fees associated with litigation.

To ensure the lowest possible cost of litigation, Altus will quote fees on a case-by-case basis after discussing strategy with our legal counsel in your debtor’s area.