Trade Data Reporting

Altus is committed to continually providing enhanced services to our clients, which is why we have launched our new Trade Data Reporting service.  Now, we can report your trade payment data to the three major commercial credit bureaus – D&B, Experian and Equifax – at NO COST to you.

Companies who report their trade payment data get paid faster. If a customers knows you are reporting their payment activity they are less likely to default on their debt. Customers who pay on time will be rewarded with a positive line on their credit report that will help them build credit, grow their business and do more business with you!

Your data will help strengthen the entire industry!

  1. Leverage: Get your slow-paying accounts to pay you first.
  2. Help good customers build business credit.
  3. Reduce credit reference calls. Send them to us!
  4. Complimentary monthly management reports from Experian.
  5. Complimentary collection priority report.
  6. Identify risky accounts.
  7. Reduce DSO’s.
  8. Increase cash flow.
  9. Identify the slow payers that still have the ability to pay.
  10. Improved portfolio management.

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