What’s New with IACC

What’s New with IACC: Let me Tell You

By: Tom, Brenan, President IACC
To begin, I would like to congratulate and welcome Jessica Hartmann as the new Executive Director of the International Association of Commercial Collectors. Jessica has the experience and skill set to be a great asset to the association and to collaborate with the board. She will keep us focused and on task. Many of you may already know Jessica as she worked very closely with the IACC a few years ago. Welcome aboard Jessica.

As advertised, the current year is turning into a very active and productive year for
the association and its membership. The top initiative this year is to continue to market the IACC brand to potential members and the credit granting community.

I am pleased to report, with the total support from our staff and contributions from our Public Relations firm, Communication Solutions Group, the tasks below are completed:

  • Our Public Relations firm has distributed 
several press releases to the media which targets the credit community and potential members.
  • The IACC website was revamped in late January. Among other tools, the new, user-friendly website provides easy access to information about upcoming professional development opportunities, informational products, members-only resources, and association news.
  • A marketing tool kit was created for members, and was introduced at the convention in January. This toolkit includes templates for promotional brochures, FAQ’s, complete PowerPoint presentation, along with customizable press releases.
  • A “Pulse Survey” of our membership was recently completed. By the time you read this, IACC will have distributed a Press Release covering the findings and positioning the IACC as a thought leader on what it takes to succeed in commercial collections.
  • A new recruitment video, which was produced during the Florida winter convention, is complete.  And this is just to start the New Year.

There is much more to come from our Public Relations initiative.

Another top tier goal is to finalize and promote the Strategic Alliance with the Commercial Law League of America. The Strategic Alliance Advisory Committee (SAAC), consisting of member and staff from both organizations has met several times over the past few months. Hopefully, in an upcoming issue of Scope, you will be able to see and review the new CLLA-IACC certification seal. Combing the CLLA certification seal with the IACC, will prove to be a great move for our certified members. The CLLA seal is a strong and well-recognized brand in the commercial credit space.

The affinity committee is hard at
work. This committee is very important
to our membership as the participating Affinity companies are vetted for providing excellent services and products to serve our membership’s needs, which most of the time is at a significantly reduced price. We currently have five companies as Affinity Partners.

All of which is a lead in to my next point, which is recruiting. It is a given that if you
are not growing you are dying. If you do not wake up each day thinking of ways to bring on new clients or members, to better serve your customers or members, or to recruit even better employees to really care about your business, then your business is slowly dissolving. The same is true of the IACC. To
 be clear, the IACC has experienced excellent growth over the past few years, with almost double digit growth at the meetings last year, but now is the time to strike, while the iron is hot. It is up to each one of us to get the word out to our credit community about all of the great benefits accruing to IACC members. And, each of us should be recruiting new members.

The IACC membership currently consists of approximately 355 total members. The numbers are broken
out into 184 agency members, 147
of which are domestic; 158 attorney members, 147 domestic; 9 law list members, and the remaining are Affiliate members. Just considering the total number of commercial agencies operating in the world, of which I estimate to be between 700 and 1,200, the IACC has a market penetration

of 15 percent to 25 percent. So, the message is: While things are going well, and membership is growing, we still have some significant room for growth while maintaining our position as the most relevant industry association in commercial collections.

And finally, one of the greatest IACC benefits is the exceptional conventions that we have in January in South Florida and in July usually on the east or west coasts. This year’s Mid-Year Conference is July 17-19 in Boston, which is always a great venue. I look forward to seeing each of you there.

If you would like to contact me, you may call me at (504) 469-9545 or e-mail at tombrenan@trustaltus.com.

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